About Us and Who We Are


So the question we get is “What is Muck Diving?” and “Why? Well, the idea of midwestmuckdiving.com came basically out of a need. As we developed into more seasoned divers we found that it was very hit and miss when traveling to dive sites in the Midwest. Although, the local dive report on the web said 30+ feet, we found times that it was less than 5. Nothing spoils the day like anticipating great viz and only to find a true mud hole after driving 3 hours. We quickly realized that not only were we having this problem, but the whole dive community and the only way to get good reliable information was to solicit it from those that are diving.With this, the idea was born and took on life. The only problem, none of us are webmasters. As we talked about this, my wife (Renee) said, “Oh, that’s easy I can do that”. Well, we took her up on her offer and things started coming together.

So, why “Muck Diving?” Not everybody can live in paradise, so we have to dive what we got. Over the years the practice of diving in fairly dense waters became known as “Muck Diving” literally because sometimes you are crawling through the “Muck”. Early in our dive careers we joked, “No Muck Too Tuff” (Taken from an old T-Shirt that I had in earlier days referring to well something a little off this subject – email me if you need an explanation). Other versions of the “slogan” are “No Muck Too Tuff, We Dive at Five” and another “No Muck Too Tuff, We Dive Alive”.

So, who are we? Basically, we are made up of five family members that love to dive – JimC, SteveC, Robbin, Renee and myself (Snagel). Jim and Steve are brothers, Robbin is married to SteveC and I’m married to Robbin’s sister Renee. Although we try and dive as much as possible to support this forum, we like to believe that the bigger picture that supports this forum is made up of all our brothers and sisters in the dive community. Although we have only been diving for a few years, we found it interesting that the majority of the dive community is such a close-knit group. In our travels we come across many people. The more we travel, the more people we meet and the more friends we make. It is truly a special relationship that all divers seem to have for one another. That is what makes up this forum. Good people sharing a common passion. Through this network of good people we can help each other. So, please help out and post information on your diving.