MWMD Diving

Welcome Back.....

Almost 10 years ago we launched MidwestMuckdivng website. Through the years we have enjoyed sharing our dive travels and favorite dive links with all our brother and sister divers. The site was originally born out of the need to understand the current dive conditions at the various dive sites in the Midwest. Over the years, many have contributed to the site letting everyone know what the viz and temp is at their favorite dive site.

In recent years, the platform for the site has became unstable and no longer supported. This forced us to decide if we wanted to continue with the site and attempt to transfer the last 10 years of information over to a new platform or let the site die a slow and painful death as so many websites do. It didn’t take much arm twisting for us to decide to continue the site. We simply love diving and we want to share our travels and what we have learned.

So, Welcome to the new MIdwestMuckdiving (MWMD) Dive Site. Please be patient as we work on moving things from the old site over to the new. One thing that we are probably not going to be moving are the historical dive conditions of all the sites. These go back 10 years and there are many. Our thought is the information was important at the time, but does anybody really care what the viz and water temp of Mermet Springs was in August 2013? We do hope to start updated information and possibly so new attractions to the site.

The point is come back often and please contribute. We want to hear about your dive travels as well.

Thanks for your support and Dive Safe!

The MWMD Team (Steve, Steve, Robbin, Renee, and Jim)