Curacao - December 2011

Taking a break from all the floods and winter weather, the MWMD crew made their annual pilgrimage to blue water. This time, and for the first time, the crew settled on Curacao…very similar to Bonaire, but yet, so different. Breezes Resort was base camp providing a very nice place to recharge. Our rooms were right on the beach allowing us the perfect place for surface intervals. (A full account of our trip is outlined in the Curacao Tab on the left)

After a long day of traveling you could feel the stress flow from the body (as well as the sinuses clearing) as soon as we stepped off the plane. The warm humid air meant only one thing, we were finally home and ready for a long week of diving. We made our way to the bus that was waiting for us to take us to Breezes and quickly got checked into our new paradise home. First things first, we needed food and quickly made our way to the snack hut on the beach. After a quick bite, it was time to start work (it’s tough running a Dive Website and having to travel to places like this just so we can report back to all you divers, but we lift our chins and do it for you). We made our way to the Dive Shop located on the beach that was run by Ocean Encounters. They must have known who we were (the MWMD Crew) because they treated us like royalty with a laugh and a smile…surely they don’t give this same treatment to everybody. As much as we wanted to don our gear and jump in, we figured it was best simply relax and take in the atmosphere this first day. We returned to our rooms and after settling in fell asleep at 6pm. (Did I mention the long day of traveling) However, we were all back up at 11pm excited about the week.

The taste of salt water and crystal blue water was just what the doctor ordered. Throughout the week we managed to finally find a few dive sites, sandy beaches, and sunny weather. The diving was awesome… could it not be compared to the lakes and quarries of true home. Our favorite dive spot was Porto Marie, but to be honest we only scrapped the surface of the diving in this short week. Porto Marie was a very nice beach with a double reef system.

As we left the island, one thing kept playing in my head…I have to come back I haven’t done everything I wanted to do.