Norfork Lake / Jordan Marina July 2016

Enjoyed another great weekend at Jordon Marina on Norfork Lake. I can’t believe it’s been so long since we have visited…..a lot of family commitments for 2015. The diving was wet and weightless with surface water temps in the mid 80’s. The viz was okay down to about 20’ feet until you hit the thermocline and can feel the water get colder and viz pretty much closed up to soup. We didn’t go deep on the trip; so, not sure where it opens up under the thermocline. We enjoyed some easy diving in shorts on the upper layers.

The sites closer to the dam seemed to be clearer as always. We found many friendly fish and visited several of the many dive sites located in the lake. If you have never been to Norfork you are missing one the best diving lakes in the Midwest. The lake is geared to the diver with very few large wave creating boats. There are over 30 dive sites located on the lake from former homestead foundations left over from when the lake was created, to several sunken boats, a dynamite shack, some great wall dives, and I have even heard of a sunken plane.

Jordan Marina is simply awesome! I’ve said it over and over, but this is one of the best marina’s I’ve ever visited with just about anything you need for a weekend on the lake. For the divers, it is a divers dream with a full dive shop and of course you can get your tanks filled or rent a dive boat. If you are looking for instruction, I’m sure Denise will fit you in a class.

Have you ever went to a business and wondered why you work so hard to be their customer? Not at Jordon Marina, they welcome you with open arms, try to provide whatever you need, and the staff is top notch. The owners (Dan and Denise) employ many students over the summer and they are not your typical teenagers. They are courteous and very hard workers and live the customer appreciation culture that Dan and Denise expect. Even though we don’t get down as much as we would like, it is always great to be there. Every time we return there is something new. This time the entire shop has been updated – it looks Awesome. It is great to see the improvements being made.

Mark you calendars for the annual Treasure Hunt scheduled this year for August 20th. We will get you more information in the coming weeks. Although we have never been able to make the Treasure Hunts in the past due to other commitments, I can tell you it’s a great time. Jordan Marina provides a lot of great prizes and a good time for all. All proceeds go to Saint Jude’s.