Table Rock Lake (Indian Point) 2012

If you haven’t been to Table Rock this year, it is looking good that diving will return this year if Mother Nature cooperates. We spent Memorial Weekend back at Table Rock camping at Indian Point Campground for our annual Memorial Weekend Family Camping Trip. I guess the stars aligned because the new dive shop, Indian Point Dive Center, was open and ready for us. New ownership took over the shop and have been busy basically rebuilding everything. The place looks simply awesome. To top it off, we felt very at home and were treated like royalty. Walking in, I quickly saw some of our diver friends from our hometown that were down taking in the new shop and what it has to offer. As we made our way into the shop, we were greeted with a huge smile, handshake, and a “glad to see you guys again”. Immediately, we were given the tour of everything they have done and a brief outline of the lines they have run to dive attractions in the marina.

It was time for diving. We grabbed our gear and into the water we went. The new steps and water bench made taking the plunge very easy. Our instructions were to follow the line from the platform out to a sunken boat in the marina. We were told that we would enter into a trench and then back up the other side where the viz opens up tremendously. We’ll I have to confess our first attempt was a failure. As we got into the trench it got dark and we had forgotten to load the lights; so, we turned around and played in the shallows collecting all the tools and items people had dropped over the years. Our second attempt a day later was a success, but due to winds that day the viz had dropped considerably, but all-in-all still a great dive.

We have to highly recommend the Indian Point Dive Center if you are in the area. They are still working on adding more lines and attractions, but so far it is looking great. I have to say it again, the owners are simply awesome ambassadors for the lake. They treat you like long lost friends and welcome any and all to come and enjoy what they have put together.

Diver Tip – As much as I was impressed with the Indian Point Dive Center, we did also get some diving in around the dam. As many know, diving at Dewey is done. Due to the new visitors center they are restricting diving around the center because of a water intake for the waterfall. I know it’s a bummer, but safety first here. Many have been asking about new shore diving opportunities. Again, I would recommend Indian Point, but if you want to dive at the dam, here is my tip. I thought about keeping this our little secret, but that wouldn’t be right. If you park over by the old visitors center, there is a walking/bike trail leading behind the old center near the outdoor restrooms. Walk down this path a very little ways and you will see a clearing leading to the water. There is a large flat rock on the beach area. Enter the water at this point. It is a very nice dive with some underwater bluffs along the shoreline. Some of you have asked about doing deep dives for tec. I haven’t ventured too deep here, but I’m thinking you might get the depths you are looking for. Keep in mind this area does have some boat traffic and those dreaded jet skis, but be smart and you will be fine.